Have you ever wondered why I call myself = ‘Whackstar’?

So for years my handle has been called ‘Whackstar’! Why is this important! Well it isn’t but I figured that it was worth an explanation.

It came from the early days of xbox live. Remember the first gen xbox? All I wanted todo was play ‘Halo’ online against my mate down the road. I got pretty good as well.

In the event of creating a ‘Handle’ (A old CB radio term!) I tried to be mildly creative and come up with something that identified me and something that was important to me. So I was thinkings of alternative names that ‘Jesus Christ’ is call and ‘Morning Star’ popped into mind! That had already been taken! So instead I thought about ‘HackStar’! But that also was taken and it organically turned into ‘Whackstar’ (Wayne Hackman the Follower of the Morning Star)

Crazy I know but it seem to have stuck. It is used in many of my public forums. I even created a company called ‘Whackstar Media’ (Check our www.whackstar.net) its old and it one day might be resurrected when I return to the UK.

So thats the story of my ‘Handle’ pretty boring I know but non the less meaningful to me.

If you want to comment! I would love to know what your handle is? And why did you create it?

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