Moving on from the Parish of Pembroke

So just to make you aware:

Just before Christmas the Anglican Parish of Pembroke decided that my gifts and skills as a Youth and Children’s minister no longer fit the requirements of a Parish.  I was put on notice and was asked to keep this under my hat until 11th January where the whole parish was informed. Sadly all official duties and support will end in mid March 2015 and in the time leading up to this I will be working hard to ensure that children’s and youth ministry will continue in some form in the Parish. I have had the privilege to serve with a number of committed Sunday school leaders, youth leaders, schools and outside organizations that have been faithful to serving the young of Pembroke. Together we have seen some awesome achievements and I am proud to say I’ve served along side you over the past four year. It is my desire to help keep those relationships and ministries equipped and active until the parish is at a stage where it knows its next move.

As you can imagine, this news, came as a bit of a shock. We were aware that with a change of leadership there would also be a change of style and vision. However, things back in September 2014 were looking hopeful and with the renewal of my permit back in January we certainly anticipated to remain on the island at least to the summer of 2015.  I am obviously a little disappointed and embarrassed that I’ve been let go and as you can imagine I’ve done much soul searching to try and understand what went wrong. I’m not someone to give up a position when the going gets tough and our family love being part of the parish despite coming out of a difficult interregnum.

So what are our options now it official that we are moving away from the Parish:

The best-case scenario is that I am able to secure another ministry post on the Island. I’m obviously very aware that local talent should be prioritized in any Job-hunting. I’m also conflicted that God might still be calling us minister on the island.  I have discovered there are opportunities on Island and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some fantastic and encouraging meetings with a number of close friends who also feel that there might be alternative avenues for me to explore. As you can imagine this would also be our preferred option and hopefully would create less upheaval for us as a family.

Our medium option would be to try and work out a way for Karen and Charlotte to finish work/school until the summer. This would be a natural moving time and would also cause less stress to Karen’s pupils and Charlottes schooling. There is obviously considerable expense in remaining on the island and I suspect I would have to return to the UK and find some form of employment to support this process while Charlotte and Karen finish up. Not ideal but certainly workable.

Worst-case scenario would be for us to return to the UK late March. Where both of us would be seeking employment and Charlotte would need to be settled into a new school.

What ever happens and despite how we feel we do want to see God’s plan fulfilled and are actively seeking his will regarding this situation.

Please pray for the Anglican Parish of Pembroke. Particularly Rev Ken and his wife Ashley. It seems there is a difficult and rocky road ahead for the Parish but it is in my prayers that God will continue to work and enrich the Parish and grow a strong youth and children’s ministry.

Please also pray for us as a family as we start to push at doors and work through this transition. Charlotte is certainly affected by the news as we have seen her behavior become increasingly more difficult over the past few weeks. She has spent more time in Bermuda then has lived in the UK and she finds change very difficult. As you can imagine both Karen and myself are also a little unsettled as we seek to determine what plans God has for us. The thought of a large house move and job change fills us both with fear and frustration.

If you are also aware of any opportunities that might fit my gifts and skills please let me know.  I’m happy to send C.Vs, make calls and/or even visit people if you think it might be of benefit.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I really appreciate your support as we explorer the next phase of our lives.