Have you ever wondered why I call myself = ‘Whackstar’?

So for years my handle has been called ‘Whackstar’! Why is this important! Well it isn’t but I figured that it was worth an explanation.

It came from the early days of xbox live. Remember the first gen xbox? All I wanted todo was play ‘Halo’ online against my mate down the road. I got pretty good as well.

In the event of creating a ‘Handle’ (A old CB radio term!) I tried to be mildly creative and come up with something that identified me and something that was important to me. So I was thinkings of alternative names that ‘Jesus Christ’ is call and ‘Morning Star’ popped into mind! That had already been taken! So instead I thought about ‘HackStar’! But that also was taken and it organically turned into ‘Whackstar’ (Wayne Hackman the Follower of the Morning Star)

Crazy I know but it seem to have stuck. It is used in many of my public forums. I even created a company called ‘Whackstar Media’ (Check our www.whackstar.net) its old and it one day might be resurrected when I return to the UK.

So thats the story of my ‘Handle’ pretty boring I know but non the less meaningful to me.

If you want to comment! I would love to know what your handle is? And why did you create it?

Greetings World!

So this is my annual update of my website. As you can see www.waynehackman.com has become cleaner and i’ve attached links to all my social network outlets. I’ve also added a support me link which will take you to a amazon wish list page! I’m fortunate enough to be employed by www.parishofpembroke.com but as you can imagine my thirst for creativity can often be expensive. I’ve always got ideas and they often cost cash! So, i know its cheeky, if you like what I do and want to support in someway click on the link http://amzn.com/w/2E8AT3S9CYGJS

Finally the news edition to the site is a WordPress blog! I know i’ve dabbled with BLOGs before and failed! But I guess it is going to be me and a few close friends and family who will be reading it. I want to be committed to say that I will update every week! But i’m guessing its going to be more like every once and a while!

Thanks for support Whackstar! (My youtube handle) so far i’ve ammased 300,000 views! My vids explore everything from faith, youth ministry and  technology! Some of my passions!

Would love to hear from you.


Wayne (AKA Whackstar)